From children needing a helping hand to go to school, to those exploring the world, School Buddy® is the ultimate sidekick for every adventure.

Experience the power of this unique story as children learn how buddies support one another and work together to make School Buddy’s dream come true. This one-of-a-kind School Buddy Adventure Support Set is designed to provide children with support on the good days and the tough ones too as they set out to explore the world.

School Buddy was designed to give children comfort and encouragement, helping them feel more confident as they experience…

What started as a family story to help one of our children find the courage to attend school tear-free, quickly turned into School Buddy®. As they were empowered to help their new buddy, their courage and confidence began to blossom on every adventure they took, while their fears faded away.

We saw how this new buddy made a big impact in their everyday life and knew we had to share the magic with others.

Designed with a Purpose

This set was created to be a part of a child’s everyday life, helping them stay engaged and encouraged to help their new buddy, while embracing school and all of life's adventures.

The Activity Keepsake Book includes:

The School Buddy Stuffie is: