Q: Who needs a School Buddy?

A: Everyone - Well at least we think so! School Buddy was designed to help all children at various stages of development embrace life’s adventures, especially going to places like school! This unique set was thoughtfully designed to continuously provide comfort and encouragement, while empowering children to let their confidence shine.

Q: When is the right time to introduce School Buddy to a child?

A: Today! Life is always better with a buddy by your side. School Buddy is here to support a child on the good days and the tough ones too. Introduce School Buddy today to start creating a connection and be proactive for the days and adventures ahead!

Q: Is School Buddy just for support at school?

A: Not at all. School Buddy wants to see the world! School Buddy is not only here to support a child at school, but also during all life’s adventures outside of school.

Q: How big is the School Buddy stuffie?

A: If you ask our kids – this stuffie is the perfect size. School Buddy stands a little over 5 inches tall and was designed with a purpose. We found that stuffies that were too big, were not realistic to take to school. This size allows your child to put School Buddy within various places of a backpack and bring on every adventure.

Q: Why is School Buddy's "note" to the child so important?

A: Getting a note from a friend is always exciting and creates an emotional connection. School Buddy’s note was intentionally designed to do just that between the child and their new buddy. This special note was formatted using simple words and pictures to help make learning fun and easy for the child. They will learn all about their new buddy’s dreams and most importantly, how they can help make it come true. The note is readily available to reread to the child, especially on the days where a little extra encouragement may be needed.

Q: Why is the activity keepsake book so unique?

A: This unique keepsake was created to be a part of a child’s everyday life, helping them stay engaged and encouraged to help their new buddy, while embracing school and other life adventures. Each section of the book was designed with thoughtful intention to build confidence, celebrate accomplishments, inspire creativity, and build a strong connection with School Buddy.

Q: What should I do if a child is still having a hard time attending school and embracing life’s adventures?

A: Repetition is Key! Read the School Buddy note as many times as needed. This will help the child remember the key details of the story – their job and School Buddy’s job. Always remind children to bring School Buddy with them everywhere they go.  Establish a routine of updating the Adventure Chart stickers to keep the child engaged and encouraged. Celebrate the wins during every opportunity that arises. Refer to the Caregiver Guide that is included in the activity book for additional strategies.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: Returns are accepted within 7 calendar days of delivery of your item. More details on return requirements can be found here.